Summer is finally here and with it comes the unique opportunity to take up the mantle of style and fashion wholeheartedly. It is the ideal time to do a complete overhaul of your closet. Whether you want to acquire that trending floral print dress or you are reevaluating your accessories, here are some fashion hacks to live by this summer.

Embrace light fabrics. Temperatures are bound to soar high this summer. Therefore, go for the light fabric choices such as rayon, linen, and cotton to beat the summer heat.

Go for loose styles. Embrace excellent styles like the palazzo pants which wrap around your legs loosely. Combine them with a linen or silk top for amazing style.

Choose a flawless pair of shorts. Pick out that pair of shorts that flatter and fit you well. Try a flowing pair of shorts with pleats.

Spice up your look with printed bottoms. Floral printed shorts paired with a sexy flowing blouse is a perfect outfit, fit to be worn even to date nights.

Invest in summer sandals. Summer is the best time to invest in a new pair of sandals. Sandals with textured leather straps will make you step in style and take your whole look to the next level.

Go bold with patterns and prints. Summers are always event-packed. From bridal showers to brunch or weddings, try something new this year. Consider showing up in a splash of print; you will be the next epitome of style in town.

Experiment with a new hue. Try out some new shades of color such as blue, yellow or light pink for an impressive summer appearance.

Invest in a modern tote. Refresh your summer bag with a glossy cherry red shade or navy blue. But if you are devoting most of your time poolside or with your little ones at the beach, then you can opt for a straw beach bag.

Take advantage of your maxi dress. Nothing is as versatile as slipping into a lightweight maxi dress when on the go this summer season. Transform the appearance from day to night by switching into a pair of summer wedges and cropped denim jacket when the sun sets.

Bare your shoulders. This doesn’t mean that you should expose everything! Cold shoulder tops are a trendy tactic to remain fashionable without exposing too much skin. Pair your tops with your all time denim shorts, and you are well-set to enjoy your summer.