Sarah Jessica Parker, who played the legendary Carrie Bradshaw on HBO’s Sex and the City, is one of those classy ladies who just seems so comfortable with being who she is. She always manages to grab the spotlight wherever she makes an appearance. In addition to kicking ass career-wise, she is appealing in so many ways. The perfect combination of feisty and cool!


Carrie Bradshaw will forever be remembered and revered. Sex and the City ran from 1998 to 2004 and had tremendous success and tons of viewers. This show has left a huge stamp on fashion, too. It would be an understatement to say that we watched the show only for the drama. No, we were eagerly waiting to see what Carrie Bradshaw would wear next! She presented fun, fearless fashion. Even now, 13 years after the last episode aired, the impact this show had on fashion is still present.

Carrie Bradshaw had her priorities straight

“The fact is, sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun. “ – Carrie Bradshaw

She didn’t mind buying $40,000 worth of shoes while she had no place to live. Owning more than 100 pairs of shoes, Carrie Bradshaw awoke the shopping ‘demon’ in all of us. Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnick own a big thanks to Carrie Bradshaw for promoting their brands! She really contributed a shoes craze among women.


The timeless yet quirky fashion of Sex and the City

Every woman was envious of the bags Carrie got to have. Starting from the cheap bags in the first season and ending with Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga, we all wanted one. The only one we were puzzled about was the ‘I love you bag’; the diamond swan-shaped bag Mr. Big gave to Carrie – and Carrie didn’t approve of it, either. Carrie Bradshaw was always the one who didn’t fit in – and we mean that in a good way. She wasn’t afraid to wear intrusive accessories, belts, or scarves.

Rocking different hair styles and makeup through the seasons, Carrie Bradshaw helped every woman to discover her inner princess. And more importantly, she taught us not to be afraid to be exactly who we are. No matter what everybody else says.


Patricia Fields, the stylist who dressed the character of Carrie, as well as pals Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha, brought a new style on the table. From simple outfits to couture fashion, she created a style that is still a pleasure to wear today.