If you think that having good style is all due to deep pockets, then you couldn’t be more wrong. The only thing you need is good taste and the rest will come. Develop your creativity and be willing to experiment with the pieces you have in your closet. That way you will discover what colors, size, and shapes best suit you.

Yes, we all admire the stars and fashion bloggers’ styles, but not everybody can afford such expensive clothes. But worry not! Just be in touch with your own style, and you’ll look and feel like a million dollars.

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To achieve the edgy style you see on cover pages, all you need to do is fine-tune your eyes and choose your wardrobe the right way. Sometimes a piece that’s under $10 can elevate your look to that of a Hollywood star!

The first rule you need to follow is that you can’t allow yourself to look messy. Whether you’re on a budget or not, polished will always look rich. Make sure your hair is always in place, your make up on point, and your perfume is not over the top. The goal here is to impress with less, not overdo things. Less is more!


Did you know that certain colors make your appearance richer? Looking luxurious doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Although many believe that baby blue or red are the only colors that can uplift your style, beige wardrobe can do that too. Good news is, beige comes in different shades, so feel free to try them all until you find the one that’s just right for you. Take the glam into your hands!


Go for unique combinations. Don’t be afraid to play with different textures and colors. But, if you wear different textures, don’t add intrusive jewelry. You have to know when too much is just too much.

It is crucial to know how to shop smart! When you have a few extra bucks on hand, don’t go to Prada right away. Visit all stores; check out the discounts and special offers. Spend more money on clothes that you wear often, like shirts, jeans, everyday dresses. A gala dress is more than glamorous, but you’ll only get a chance to wear it once a year. That’s where smart shopping takes the scene – buy a simple, cheaper dress that you can wear for any occasion and you’ll have enough money to buy jewelry and high heels that’ll give you that elegant look.


Pick your style and spend on it wisely. Yes, clothes don’t make the man, but they sure leave a strong impression!