Fashion is a topic much discussed and adored all over the globe. Since living in different parts of the world dictates different languages, cultures and traditions, style differs just the same. What is considered “in” and “a must have” in certain countries does not mean the whole world is crazy about it. Powerful and striking style has a whole new meaning from country to country. Let’s check what the fuss is all about in three different places in the world.


When one makes a list of fashion trends around the world, one MUST put Paris first. The capital of France can easily be named the capital of fashion. With a history in fashion of over 5 centuries, Paris is the rightful ruler of the fashion throne! Fashion shows in Paris never failed to astonish us all by their uniqueness and creativity. Other than the well known high fashion in the city of the Eiffel tower, Parisians don’t fail to impress with their casual styles either. A pair of jeans with a nice top and sneakers is what they choose to wear on everyday basis, but when they are out for a glamorous evening they really go big or stay at home!



The U.S.A is all about diversity. People from all around the world have gathered here to be a part of the great nation of America and it paid up well when speaking of fashion. It is a real treat for the fashion lovers to see 300 million people all dressed the way they chose to. Starting from casual style, taking a turn at Hollywood’s celebrity dress combinations, ending with gala shows that call for prestige and nothing more, U.S.A really is making a statement out there!



It seems like Milan is the next of kin to Paris. A place where every corner of the city screams fashion. The boutiques in Milan are crowded with tourists looking for timeless branded clothes that will never go out of style. One thing is for sure; the stores of the Italian fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci will leave you speechless, and once you decide to enter you will end up moneyless too. It seems like the God of fashion is ruling over Milan because there’s no such thing as bad styling that you can encounter on the streets of this city. Not only during fashion weeks, but this fashionable metropolis truly expresses the spirit of what fashion is all about!