When it comes to going out and leaving those comfy PJ’s behind, the first thing that pops in our heads is “OMG, what should I wear?” And of course, no matter where we’re going, we always want to dress to impress! If you want more turning heads and less rolling eyes, then earn them. Work it, girl!

In order to achieve those glances of admiration, first of all you need to know what NOT to wear.

Know the Limits: When ‘Stretchy’ is ‘Too Stretchy’

Stretchy jeans are a true blessing for everybody who appreciates their comfort, but sometimes ‘too much comfort’ makes us look messy and unattractive. 2% elastane jeans are just enough, they’ll follow your curves and your figure will look amazing. Choosing this style can make you look hot as hell, just don’t take it too far. We all like comfort but we have nothing against looking put together, either.


Back to Black?

Black is magic. Wearing black works miracles for the body and black is indeed appropriate for every occasion. Keep in mind that if you have fair skin you may risk that black will emphasize the black circles under your eyes or will put an accent on other ‘complexes’  we’re trying desperately to hide behind black clothes. However, if you’re in love with all black everything, make sure you use it in a way that works for you! Why not add some color? Every journey begins with a single step—maybe combining black with some other colors will open doors for you! Also, you can choose accessories in intensive colors to avoid looking too dark or gloomy.


Age-Appropriate Clothes

Some women think that as they’re getting older, their skirt should be longer. Anyhow, make sure it isn’t too long, because the wrong length can make you look bigger. By bigger, we mean BIG MISTAKE! For example, just take a look at Pharrell Williams (yes, the world-wide known singer) – he’s 44 years and looks half his age. He sure does know how to pick the right clothes. But keep in mind that if you try to look like a teenager when you’re not, things can go bad. Listen to your body when it comes to dressing up; if it suits you well, go with it. If it looks like you’re trying too hard, then that’s not for you!


Now that you know what not to wear, you can really “dress to kill!”