The festive season is coming up and that means a serious wardrobe dilemma – what on Earth are you going to wear for New Year’s Eve? If you’re staring into the abyss that is your wardrobe and wondering what you are going to do, grab yourself a cup of coffee and relax, we are going to help you find the perfect outfit! Here are our style must-haves for NYE 2017!


If you really want to look dressy for New Year’s Eve, you have to get those sequins out! Whether it is a simple sequin tee dress, or just a sequin blazer, mix them up with some more understated pieces in your wardrobe to make sure your outfit isn’t too overpowering. We think a sequin blazer over a little black dress is so sleek, sophisticated yet so party-ready! Or if you aren’t used to dressy looks, team a sequin skirt with your coziest sweater for low key vibes.


Pleated skirts are a versatile piece you need not only for fall/winter 2017 but to kick start 2018 in style too! They are a great piece to invest in for New Year’s Eve and then juxtapose them with a tee and a perfecto for a more casual look in spring. We are huge fans of metallic maxi skirts for New Year’s Eve, but even more so of the forest green trend that’s happening right now! With a black thin knit, you will look so smart and sophisticated for the last day of the year!


In shorts or pants form, whatever your tastes, a dressy romper is perfect! Ok, so they may be a little tricky to get off for a quick visit to the bathroom, but they are so worth it! They cinch you in at the waist, and even the shorts will elongate your legs. If the weather is unpredictable, slip on a pair of thin tights underneath your playsuit to not get cold legs! Finish the look off with a military-style blazer or a teddy bear jacket for a cosy but winter appropriate look.


If you can’t wear your highest heels on New Year’s Eve, when can you wear them? Make sure you can walk in them though! High heels are super flattering and totally wrap up an outfit. They elongate your legs and give you model proportions in a flash! If you’re planning on dancing the night away, then take a spare pair of flats in your bag, you will probably need them!


Lace is a great way of adding a feminine touch to an outfit. We love toughening up lace with a parka or making it even more sophisticated with a wool overcoat. The hottest colors this season are red, and pastel shades like lilac and pink/nude, so these are the colors to go for for the perfect party outfit!