When it comes to eyelashes, beauty has postulated that they should be long, strong and lush. However, due to factors like genes, your eyelashes may be way below this par. This may prompt you to take whatever measures just to get great lashes. These measures can even encompass you getting eyelash extensions attached to your eyelids. But have you ever thought that can get long and strong eyelashes without consulting an expert, leave alone getting any procedures done? Yes you can if you do the following:

  1. Eat nutritious food:-

Just like any other type of hair on your body, eyelashes require nutrients for them to thrive. That is why you should eat food rich in vitamins and amino acids to foster their growth. Some of the foods you must not miss include fish, eggs, meat, green vegetables and fruits. You should, however, avoid cigarettes as they can make them weak. With the correct diet, you will be able to promote the growth of strong eyelashes that will grow long as there will be nothing to weaken them enough to cause their breakage.


  1. Massage your eyelids regularly:-

According to research, an increase in the flow of blood can culminate in faster hair growth. This is true for all types of hair, eyelashes included. Thus, if you are looking for longer eyelashes, you will have to get your eyelids massaged frequently. Now, you honestly don’t need to book into a spa for an eyelid massage: just wash your hands and gently move them over and over again for a while. This simple routine, when done twice daily, will help foster the growth of more lashes hence making them thicker and the further enlargement of the ones present thus making them longer.

  1. Invest in a good eyelash enhancer


This is a product that is solely designed to foster the growth of eyelashes, fortify them and make them thicker. It comes in the form of a product you can apply to your eyelashes to get the results you desire. What makes them perfect is the fact that they work on improving your natural lashes and as such is a long term remedy to thin and weak eyelashes. It’s increase power also comes in handy to guarantee your lashes do not fall off hence maintaining their length and depth.


  1. Apply glycerin and olive oil before sleep:-

These two products have been shown to improve hair growth intensively. That is why you should apply a mixture of the two on your eyelashes every day before you be asleep. Leave it on for the night and clean them up in the morning. Though you may not get instant results, your lashes will have grown extremely after a couple of months.

  1. Apply petroleum jelly:-

With a request of Vaseline on your eyelids every evening, you will be hastening the growth of more lashes and further strengthening of the old ones. This will help give you the longer, thicker and strong eyelashes you desire.

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Long and thick eyelashes are deemed as beautiful. And because you also want to be regarded as beautiful, you should strive to get them. This does not, however, need to be a tedious affair that will see you frequenting the beauty parlor every weekend. You can grow them at home without necessarily connecting an expert. With goods like glycerin, eyelash enhancers, olive oil and Vaseline well within reach, you can always get your eyelashes mounting. However, you have to be patient as this may take a while, but looking at the brighter side it is a worthwhile venture as the lashes will last everlastingly!