With sandal season rolling around, you’ll want to build note of those professional tips to stay your pedi trying contemporary for weeks.

1. Prep Your Base

In the same way your aid sets the stage for makeup, treating your toenails before polishing is crucial to the longevity of your polish. New York town nail creative person Ami Vega recommends swiping nail enamel remover over everynail to eliminate natural oils or lotion residue, both of that will inhibit your base coat from adhering, says Vega.

2. Rid Yourself of Ridges

Nail ridges create uneven nooks and crannies, says N.Y.C. manicurist Pattie american, which will build your polish chip earlier than you’d like. Apply a filler like Nailtek’s Foundation No.2 ($11; nailtek.com), which american layers over toenails to produce “a very sleek foundation.”

3. Choose The correct Polish

When longevity is your main concern, Vega recommends avoiding chunky glitter polishes with flake-prone textures. Instead, opt for creamy polishes, which “lie swimmingly against the nail,” preventing friction against your shoes.

C6054G USA, Illinois, Metamora, woman with red pedicure
4. Watch your Footwear

While no shoe is out-of-bounds, some are less pedi-friendly than others. Yankee recommends shying away from toeshoes for a minimum of twenty four hours once a contemporary pedi. Vega recommends avoiding running shoes—because the friction created by running is rough on toes. If you have to step into a pair, drop a bit of cuticle oil over nails to “create a barrier between the shoe and your foot,” Vega suggests.

5. Refresh With a Topcoat

Yankee suggests applying a contemporary, clear topcoat at least once per week to “keep the colour spirited, and add a little protection, too.” If you’re feeling adventurous Vega suggests remixing your polish: “It’s fun to layerassociate degree iridescent sheer color over [your previous polish] to produce a brand new look,” she says. Not only will it provide a new effulgence, it “covers up the fading that happens over time.”

6. Exfoliate (A Lot)

Vega recommends treating the skin on your feet as you would your face. “You have to tend thereto each day,” she says. Slough heels and soles with a scrub to soften the tougher skin. Try a foot peel, like Avon’s dual Action Pedi Peels ($7; avon.com), which contain alpha chemical group acid to with chemicals exfoliate. Then soften with a daily moisturizer. Bonus points for slathering feet with a hydrating salve then popping on socks before bed. The results: sublime.