Miami Swim Week just wrapped up, leaving us drooling for a piece of the bikini that will make the summer even hotter. The international celebration of swimwear fashion—A.K.A. Miami Swim Week—managed to impress us, as usual.

Something that started as a trade show event (Miami Swim Week was once called “Sunglass Hut Miami”) nowadays is a viral event followed worldwide. Even better, Miami Swim Week is expected to grow even larger, like NYFW!

Miami Swim Week 2017 provoked different reactions in all fashion lovers. But one thing is for sure- it was a show totally worth watching and lucky are those who got to be a part of it. To sum it up, this marathon of fashion events really gave us a peek at what is about to hit the racks next season- and there is something for everyone’s taste!

What seemed to be common among most of the designers is that they were all inspired by colors. It was a pleasure watching that spectrum of colors moving on the runway. If you take a look at Audrina Patridge, Sinesia Karol, or Marie France Van-Damme’s collections, the first thing that will pop in your mind is Morocco. They all mixed different inspiring things about Marrakesh and came up with some of the best collections this year.

Why limit swimwear to only wearing it on the beach? Yep, more designers are thinking in this direction, so they created fashionable pieces that can be worn not only as swimwear, but as bodysuits as well. Versatility at its best!

Instead of keeping things calm, Hot-As-Hell brought the party to the place! Their show was anything but boring to watch. With so many diverse models and children on the runway, Hot-As-Hell took things to the next level! They are always the ones to ‘break the rules’ – and we’re loving it! 


Sports Illustrated decided to participate in the event too. After 50 years of being on the market, they decided to take their experience to the runway by creating a collection of swimwear that is actually a throwback to some of the most iconic suits over the years. Also, Sports Illustrated did something much appreciated by women- they included plus-sized women in their show.

Sports Illustrated's Plus-Sized Model On The Runway

Sports Illustrated’s Plus-Sized Model On The Runway

The Bunnies are well-known in the world of fashion and the angel-like models really gave us the feeling that heaven is real! Their collection “Heaven on Earth” was awe-inspiring by any means! You can watch the Beach Bunny show bellow.

There’s something for the manly men as well! Swim shorts that reach to the upper thigh are just what gentlemen need for that touch of sexiness!

Not only did they create pieces that literally left us with mouths half open, the designers and manufacturers brought a new dimension in their collections – earth conscious. Way to go, guys!

Who wouldn’t enjoy watching a spectacular event like Miami Swim Week? What makes things even better are all the PARTIES. I’m thinking about getting tickets for the next year’s show. I bet you are too!

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