Everyone understands that Beyoncé is extraordinary. As to repeating her noteworthiness, every so often it may be best just not to endeavor. In any event, that is the lesson the world learned on Tuesday when Madame Tussauds New York historical wax center in New York City disclosed its most recent wax translation of Queen Bey.

Twitter clients were snappy call attention to that it doesn’t look, well, anything like the Beyoncé we as a whole consistently bows down to. Wax Bey is staying in typical Real Bey frame, with her hand on her hip and holding a mouthpiece. As far as Internet is concerned that is going to the degree the similarity goes.

Twitter clients made a note of the statue’s odd outward appearance and also one other real distinction between the genuine Bey and the Madame Tussauds form: their skin tones. “This is a melanin-defunct, lipless, thickness Bey,” one user wrote. Essentially, the Bey Hive doesn’t have it.


Gratefully Beyoncé is back on social media after birth of her twins, so the Internet doesn’t have to depend on a wax figure to get its Bey settle. Maybe sometime in the not so distant future.