Andrea Sierra Salazar is no more interesting to slaying photo shoots. In 2016, the 18-year-old from McAllen, Texas, postured for a dazzling princess-themed one, finish with a dress fit for Cinderella — if the film occurred in 2016, obviously. The photograph shoot became famous online on Twitter for an extraordinary reason. The inscription read, “Disease doesn’t prevent me from being a princess. ?” In the photographs, Salazar was uncovered because of chemotherapy for organizing II nodular sclerosis Hodgkin’s lymphoma, reports Yahoo Beauty. Just about a year later, Salazar is busy again with another astonishing photograph arrangement.

Before making a beeline for her prom, Salazar chose to snap a few pictures. After Cancer had shielded her from going to class for a year, she appeared hair for the extraordinary event. Also, it wasn’t a wig — the greater part of the hair is her own. Dazzling emerald outfit aside, the best piece of this photograph shoot is Salazar is officially a cancer survivor.


A year ago, Salazar saw an unfamiliar bump on her neck, and the very next day, she was diagnosed with cancer. Since then, her mom has done everything she could to make her daughter feel beautiful inside and out throughout her chemotherapy treatments. This included entering local fashion shows and doing photo shoots like the viral princes’ one. “I’ve always loved modeling and acting,” says Salazar told Yahoo Beauty. “It makes me feel beautiful, and I’m truly passionate about it.”


For the princess-themed photograph shoot, Salazar collaborated picture taker Gerardo Garmendia. What’s more, when prom went along, it just fitted to work with him once more. Be that as it may, the prom photograph shoot was unique. This time, he snapped photographs as Salazar postured with her beau, had a full head of hair, and a malignancy survivor. Salazar as of late posted pictures from the prom shoot on Twitter.