When we say the word Chanel, you probably think beautifully structured tweed jackets and crazy good quilted leather bags? Right? Well, not anymore. Karl Lagerfeld just joined the “ugly shoe” trend and sent his models down wearing clear plastic boots.

You know, we don’t think we would mind having plastic detailed boots- seems like a cool take on multi-textured clothing but these Chanel boots are just weird, not to mention will turn into murky wetlands within an hour of wear! We don’t want to get into the details, but just imagine a piece of plastic rubbing against your feet all day. Yeah- WE KNOW.


Chanel Boots

Image Credit: Allure

The boots come with matching clear block heels and a white toe and heel cap. We really aren’t sure, what IS fashion at this point.

These weren’t just the only plastic items sent down the runway by the designer, we were also introduced to the iconic plastic ponytail

Chanel Plastic Pony Tail

Image Credit: Allure

Plastic hoods

Chanel Plastic

Image Credit: Allure

and even plastic gloves- matched with, what we are guessing is jewelry worth thousands of dollars. Nothing says classy like a pair of clear plastic gloves and diamonds? right?!

Chanel Plastic

Image Credit: Allure

We aren’t the only one asking WHY CHANEL?

According to a piece in Business of Fashion, this new craze of bizarre trends can be blamed on millennials who apparently have ” no dominant aesthetic” and do not care for traditional notions of style.

“It’s post-truth and post-ugly,” founder of fashion incubator Fashion East, Lulu Kennedy, told the publication.

Well, the only good thing coming out of wearing plastic clothing might be that we now even have a better reason for recycling and repurposing plastic, instead of dumping it in the ocean but we doubt most brands are that eco-conscious, thankfully Chanel is.

Whatever the case, we see lots of foot sweat in the near future.

Let us know if you are team #plastic or #bringbacknormalshoes. We are definitely part of the later.