Fashion would be rather boring if we all looked the same, wearing similar accessories and the same outfit designs. Luckily, with such a rich variety of clothing available, so are necklines and their accessory counterparts. In the end, the necklace or choker that you chose will primarily depend on the type of neckline you wear. The following are the types of necklines that suit different physiques.

We are all beautiful in our unique ways. Therefore, the main point to remember is to choose what makes you comfortable, whether it be formal or non-formal.

The following are the different types of necklines that suit different physiques.

Crew neck

Neckline tips: Crew Neck

This is a more traditional design that highlights the face and shoulders. It is suitable for most body types, especially those with a moderate bust, long neck or wide shoulders.

Complete the look with decorative details and small earrings.

Boat neck

Neckline tips: Boat Neck

The boat neck has a much wider neckline and traces the neck through the clavicle. Garments with these types of necklines are also versatile and accommodate many physiques from slender shoulders to pear-shaped body types and ladies with a small to medium bust.

A boat neck allows for a wide variety of accessories to be worn including long layered necklaces and oversized pendants.


Neckline Tips: Button Up

This is a heaven-sent outfit if you are slender or petite. However, if you are on the busty side, go for a looser fit to avoid gaping portions along the chest. If you have a curvy, athletic and pear-shaped body, consider going for this neckline.

Match the outfit using a layered and detailed necklace, or a statement necklace.

Halter Top

Neckline tips: Halter Neckline


Halter necklines are perfect for showing off your shoulders and drawing the eye upwards; they create a balanced look. It is acceptable for all body types, but they are excellent if you are of a fuller bust.

Halter necklines are suitable for the following body types: wide shoulders, medium to full bust, straight or a curvy midsection.

Pair the halter with statement or drop earrings. You can also go simple and let the flare of the neckline have its say.

Scoop Neck

Neckline tips: Scoop neck

This design is loved by many. It takes all attention downwards, makes the neck look longer and highlights the collarbone.

Scoop necks are best for the following body types: athletic, pear, petite, small to large bust, or those with shorter necks.

Use the scoop neck to make accessory choices. Whether it be light and layered necklaces or drop earrings, they both stand out.