This spring summer period, flowery patterns is available to be the huge fashion movement. Cross Stitch lawn designs exhibits wrinkled paper fans, pen and ink, and fragile sequin detailing that are being beautifully transformed to cater to you summer knowledge. The latest collection by Cross Stitch released for launch on the first week of March.

Cross Stitch women wear clothing tag revealed for its respected customers, a hand-picked spring summer lawn collection 2015 for women.  To add further beauty to the designs, good-looking model and actress Mawra Hocane is the brand envoy of Cross Stitch for the year 2015, she brilliantly shoots latest spring summer lawn collection 2015 for girls. Each and every design is refreshing, complicated and lively.



Cross Stitch elite summer collection is introduced with the idea to take its clientele on a wonderful journey towards a reassuring mystique.

For this familiarize Express Collection, Cross stitch has been enthused by the simplicity and accuracy of lines and traditional and cultural Japanese lanterns, vases, landscape paintings, sculpture, woodblock prints, origami and others.

The design philosophy for these new collections allows the fashionistas to make them fancy with the help of laces, buttons, and ribbons. All of the dresses are praiseworthy, some of them are for aged females, and some are truly for young girls with dazzling colors and reflective embroidery.

Cross Stitch Spring Summer Lawn collection skin tone, light color tones, most of the flowery color patterns such as red, parrot, orange, majenda, blue, green,  burgundy, yellow, purple, pink, brown and many more outstanding colors.

Cross Stitch lawn designs are obtainable at stores from March 7, in all cities of Pakistan and through online store. Now, the brand have flagship stores in all major cities of Pakistan, UK and USA.

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