Cut-out separable pants that are a denim diaper with a hurdle on, zoom off legs have joined the parade of ghastly that incorporates clear plastic pants, also called frolic him, for people.


The most recent twofold obligation denim doozies come in whitened blue or dim and are likewise silly from the front and the back — which is tied in with applauding underbutt. Thank (or not) the layout individuals at Y/Project and Opening Ceremony, where the two-in-one jeans are a bargain for $425.


“High-waisted saddle-molded shorts? You could have the most smoking body on the planet and still not look great in these,” said New York style master George Brescia, creator of “Put on something else, Change Your Life: Because You Can’t Go Naked.” Unless “you need to settle on a forceful decision to look loathsome,” he told, “disengage yourself from wearing them.”