The world of fashion trends is always changing but one thing that has stayed with us through guyliner and perms are skinny jeans!  If you have ever read an article about closet staples, skinny jeans usually top the list and while we all have a pair or two, we don’t always know how to elevate the notoriously hard to style item?

Here is a run through of easy mistakes anyone can and does make with skinny jeans and how to avoid them!

Skinny Jeans

Image Credit:Style du Monde

Don’t: Focus On The Perfect Fit

Do: Throw On A Belt

Many times we have heard that fit is key, which yes it is but what is more important are proportions. Here we have a pair of skinny jeans that are traditionally the wrong fit but the longer leg not only adds length but has a very rebel without a cause flair about it that we love.

If you do find jeans that don’t have the “perfect” fit than use your accessories to your advantage and throw on heels and a belt to fake it till you make it!


Skinny Jeans

Image Credit: Style du Monde

Don’t: Try To Stuff Them Into Too-Tight Boots

Do: Stay Comfortable and Get Slouchy

Everyone will tell you to tuck skinny jeans into boots and while it does look stunning, what isn’t stunning is the constant tight on tight shin suffocation you have to suffer throughout the day.

Stay ahead of the mundane trend and go for slouchy boots instead of the basic versions. The end result is a mixture of easy sophistication and laid back comfort.

Skinny Jeans

Image Credit: Style du Monde

Don’t: Forget Volume

Do: Tuck It In

Skinny jeans can be virtually worn with everything but that doesn’t mean they should be. While we love the streamlined look, what we love even more is volume. Don’t be afraid to add some, especially with your skinny jeans since you can get away with it thanks to the flattering cut of the jeans.

Do remember to tuck in your tops, you can go for either the Instagram approved half tuck or just a usual full tuck to add shape to your outfit.

Skinny Jeans

Image Credit: Style du Monde

Don’t: Hide That Ankle

Do: Crop It

The stylish attendees of Fashion week showed us the true power of the ankle by rocking cropped skinny jeans everywhere. The style works gorgeously with high heels and is perfect for the colder months when you still want to show some skin but don’t want to freeze to death either.

Skinny Jeans

Image Credit: Style du Monde

Don’t: Stick To Conventional Styling

Do: Layer

Layering on top is all and good but what will really give you a gateway to the fashions elite is layering on the bottom. Pictured above is the perfect example of how you can mix your skinny jeans with other unexpected pieces while still maintaining a wearable outfit.