Let it be known that 2017 was the year that brought the world great gems like…. the clear plastic jeans and the world’s “ugliest” jeans, all from Topshop! Both pair of “jeans” exploded, not only creating a media frenzy on WHO WOULD WEAR THESE ITEMS but also WHY? Well, Asos, not to be left behind in this competitive market of ugly denim, stepped their game up and presented the world with… these!


Image Credit: ASOS

No need for windows to the soul because Asos just gave us a straight view to the butt- and that is far more important! “wink”

Our only question is- what Instagram filter goes best with these butt cutout jeans? Do we need the soft haze of “Slumber” to hide any butt imperfections OR go “Hefe” and really outline our plumber butt OOTD? – now, this is getting stressful!

Jokes aside, would you wear these ahh ~bold~ jeans that might put your butt-acne on show? It’s A THING. Some of the go-to tips recommended by dermatologists to get rid of butt-acne are to -LOL- avoid tight-fitting clothing (especially while sweating), don’t over-scrub your plump cushions and rely on gentle exfoliants to keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

We did the research, so you don’t have to!


Image Credit: Asos

When it comes to styling we think a grunge look would compliment the aesthetic of these jeans, maybe even try rocking the wet hair look and obviously, nothing but a crop top will give these plumber approved jeans the finishing touch.

You can get your own plumber butt jeans for $60 on Asos. If you are brave enough to try this trend, do send us your images.

EXTRA POINTS: If you send over your tried and tested filter option as well because Lord knows, we need all the help!

We are going to leave you with this gif that truly represents, this freaky fashion to its core! Enjoy!