We knew that the 90s and early 2000s fashion trends were coming back to the spotlight but we didn’t know the dreaded thong jeans look will be one of it!

Taking risks and stepping away from traditional silhouettes is fun and playful but we aren’t sure if we are ready to step THAT far away from tradition, but since this year has to be the known as the resurface of freaky fashion, we have to talk about the next hottest thing around, thong jeans.

See, we didn’t know how to feel about the plumber butt jeans but we know for sure that thong jeans aren’t for us.. or for anyone who likes to you know ” wear clothes in public”


Thong Jeans

Image Credit: Splash News

The jeans- we aren’t sure if we can call them that since they are basically a couple of strings attached to a belt, first appeared at this week’s Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo at new designer Thibaut’s show.

The thong jeans, as they will forever be known, take rips and cut outs to the extreme with the entire front and back panels completely gone. What’s left is just the waist, zipper, and seams down the sides, around the ankles, and, yes, down the butt. 

We think Degrassi: The Next Generation character Manny Santos (pictured above) would have probably been really into these.

Thong Jeans

Image Credit: Splash News

2017 has been a weird year not only for high street fashion but also for designers which once paved the way for elegant designs, yes we are looking at you Chanel and your questionable plastic accessories!

Let’s hope that 2018 brings us trends, jeans especially that feature actual material for us to wear and appreciate throughout the year because the thong jeans are a definite no for us.

If we had a gun stuck to our heads and had to style the item, we would definitely go the safer route and opt for a bodysuit and maybe even layer them over fishnets. Where would we wear such an outfit? That part, we aren’t sure off!

Forgive us while we cling desperately to our normal denim but are you brave enough to try this trend out in the streets? How would you style it? Let us know in the comment section below if you are team #barecheeks or #why?