Inspired by the gorgeousness of Paris Fashion Week, we have taken things to the next level and are doing a complete series on items that every French woman has in her possession. We are talking everything from fashion, skincare, and beauty. Now, its time for closet must haves!

We just did a scarf tutorial inspired by the French! Read it here.

1.JewelryFrench Girl Approved Closet Must Haves-1

No French girl would be caught dead without jewelry when out and about. While we see jewelry as a last minute addition, the French see it as the final step of completing an outfit.

Take a look at our guide of must have jewelry items and pick your favorite! If you are a complete newbie to jewelry then a watch is the way to go!

2. Black

French Girl Approved Closet Must Haves2Take a peek at the streets of Paris or even a small village in France and you will be met with ladies in head to toe black. They aren’t in mourning, we asked! ( DON’T ASK)

Black is not only flattering but seems to be the universal color loved by French ladies. You can translate this closet must have with a little black dress, an item that is synonymous with style and elegance.


french girl approved 5The girls of France have been rocking leggings and sneakers far long before the Kardashians brought them to us. Don’t take this closet must have too literally, instead be inspired by sporty pieces. For example, pair a relaxed fit trouser with athletic detailing like a drawstring and stripes with a dressed up top and heels.

For example, pair a relaxed fit trouser with athletic detailing like a drawstring and stripes with a dressed up top and heels.


French Girl Approved Closet Must Haves3This closet must have isn’t just about the weather because the French will wear a jacket even when it’s 80 degrees outside.

While we use outerwear as a way to keep us warm while we get from point A to B, the French have taken this forgotten item and use it as another way to add style without creating an unnecessary element in their outfit.

Pick a coat that is wearable art, look for ruffles, bows, or even try a pop of color.

5. High Heels 

French Girl Approved Closet Must Haves4This closet must have which is the ideal of femininity was actually introduced to the world by none other than a man! A French man.

While we all want a closet full of high heels à la Carrie Bradshaw our budgets just won’t agree. Pick the right heels for you, you don’t have to go tumbling around in a pair of stilettos if that just isn’t your style! Go for block heels or wedges instead. 


freestocks-org-254727Lingerie, a French word, is seen as a sexy secret for that special someone but French designers and women are changing the way we see it.

The first women to bring the barely there pieces to the eye of the world for the ill-fated French Queen Marie Antoinette, while she didn’t keep her head- her style choices live on!

To take this closet must have from the bedroom to boardroom, pair a lacey bra with a structured blazer and pants. You can easily button up, for more conservative settings or give a little peek of your peeks.

If you aren’t brave enough to bare it all in front of the world, don’t worry. Save the sexiness for yourself and your significant other!