There are two types of people in the world, some who throw on cat ears and eyeliner whiskers while some dress up as a hotdog. If you are anything like us and wish your Halloween costumes lived in between the magical balance of these two, then read on to find wearable and easy looks that will get you the shock value without the throwback cringe photos!

1.Mia From La La Land

Holloween Costumes Women

Image Credit: Everett Collection

What To Wear: A red wig, tap shoes, and a navy blue cocktail dress.

Bonus Points: Mia was the symbol of a modern day struggling actress, embody her “ambition” by breaking out into random song!

2.Dolores From Westworld

Holloween Costumes

Image Credit: HBO

What To Wear: A Western-Style dress in blue with a matching style leather belt at the waist. Stick to minimal makeup and an easy half up and down hairstyle.

Bonus Points: Act tough and suspicious towards everyone and anyone! Throw in a punch or two to really get the point across.

3. Belle From Beauty and the Beast

Halloween Costumes

Image Credit: Everett Collection

What To Wear: Out of all the Halloween costumes in this list, this has to be the most popular. You probably can find a belle costume at your local thrift store. Pair with soft curls and feminine makeup.

Bonus Points: Wonder around with a red rose and maybe a teacup or two.

4.Eleven From Stranger Things

Halloween Costumes

Image Credit: Netflix

What To Wear: Stranger Things was everything last year and the hype hasn’t died down either. There are a lot of versions of Eleven –Government Prisoner Elle, Hamburger-Eating Elle, etc, but the easiest costume to follow would be everyday Eleven. Pick a baby-pink dress with a white collar, a blue jacket, striped knee socks, white Converse, and a chunky black watch.

Bonus Points: Dribble some fake blood around your nose and carry around empty boxes of Eggo Waffles. Oh, and of course you can shave your head for the ultimate commitment to this Halloween costume! Or you know, you can wear a bald cap.

5. Wonder Woman

Halloween Costumes

Image Credit: Everett Collection

What To Wear: Many Halloween costumes can be DIY-ed but you have to go premade for this one. We personally love the updated and dark version of Wonder Women, instead of the classic.

Bonus Points: Fight the patriarchy and don’t take sh*t from anyone!

6. Offred From The Handmaid’s Tale

Halloween Costumes

Image Credit: Hulu

What To Wear: A red hooded cape and a large white headpiece that covers your face.

Bonus Points: Don’t attract any attention and whisper conspiratorially with your girlfriends as soon as you spot a man! You can also throw seething glares for the full effect. 

7.Lyanna Mormont From Game of Thrones

Halloween Costumes

Image Credit: Everett Collection

What To Wear: You can either go store bought for this costume- a Jon snow costume might even work or create your own. Pick a long black cloak with faux fur trimmings and black leather gloves to match. Wear your hair straight with a middle part.

Bonus Points: Scream ” Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North, whose name is STARK”