No better time to wear all white than summertime! Just as the ray of sunlight hits the windows, we immediately hit the closet, eagerly wanting to ‘jump’ in the summer vibe.  What’s tricky about all-white is that it can look dull. If you don’t combine it well, you won’t be wearing it right.

Here are a few tips to rock the all-white outfit!

Be Bold

The first rule of wearing all-white is that you must be bold! Don’t be afraid to try different textures and materials. Why not put on your favorite white jeans with a white silk t-shirt? Or maybe pairing your white ripped jeans (which are a total hit in the celeb-world) with a more elegant shirt? You can also combine delicate lace with heavy velvet. The possibilities are endless!


Match the Details

White combined with more masculine textures, dark details, darker accessories or darker makeup will give you the look that you’re aiming for. Details are crucial when you decide to go all-white, so if you accessorize your outfit right you’ll be dressed to kill. One of the favorites in the world of fashion is a white maxi dress worn with nude accessories and a daring red lipstick. Fierce, isn’t it?

One Combination for Different Occasions

Although most girls would prefer all-black combination, you must allow yourself to go white! Nothing will highlight your summer tan like a perfect white outfit. Try a baby-doll dress with your all-stars, or, if the occasion calls for something more elegant, choose the right high heels and you’re ready to go. A white tee and white denim combo will never go out of style; once again, this combination can easily go from casual to evening wear effortlessly.


Play With Shades

Keep in mind that there is more in the game than plain white. Combine different shades of white and trust your eyes when it comes to the tones. 50 shades of white can be as hot as “50 shades of grey” – if you do it right!

Pick the Right Underwear

One of the best advice someone can give you for wearing all white is that you must pick the right underwear and that is—of course—light underwear.


Since we covered the basics on wearing white from head to toes now it’s your turn to make a closet party and don’t be afraid to go wild! If Hollywood can pull off an all white outfit, so can you!