Following quite a while of watching Dean Winchester fight, and demolish creatures on Supernatural, it’s a decent change of pace to see Jensen Ackles kicking back and venturing into his different popular part: father.

Ackles posted an absurdly lovable “Flashback Friday” video of himself playing with his most seasoned youngster, Justice Jay, a.k.a. “JJ.” He noticed that the vid’s from a year ago, subtitling, “She supposes we’re simply having a ton of fun. However, I’m covertly showing her some exemplary WWE moves.” Pfft, we as a whole know you’re showing her how to be a seeker.

His super valuable video is arousing my dead soul following quite a while of it acting like a Dementor, searching for bliss to suck away. Ackles has demonstrated before that he’s such a decent father, notwithstanding giving JJ a chance to put cosmetics all over without making a complaint.

At the point when his new twins, Zeppelin and Arrow, get more established, we can hardly wait to perceive what sorts of shenanigans they make their father do. Until at that point, they’ll simply be culminating their substantial scope of feelings.