Of all the fashion coordinated effort 2017 has graced us with up until this point, we never observed this one coming: Jouer x Jeffree Star. The truth is out Jeffree Star is collaborating with the producers of one of Pinterest’s most well-known lipsticks. The news was officially announced on Instagram on Wednesday.  I am simultaneously totally surprised at this pairing and excited.

The main look we have gotten at the collab has come as Star’s face. The author of Jeffree Star Cosmetics posted pictures on his web-based social networking channels of himself with metallic pink-and-silver eye cosmetics. That by itself is persuading that an eye shadow palette is certainly on its way. The force of the shimmery shades makes them figure that a thwart like equation, which as of late showed up in Jouer’s Skinny Dip palette, could be incorporated into it.

The selfie additionally makes them ponder what else happens when two factions favorite beauty brands get together to make a cosmetics line. Will we get a definitive fluid lipstick… Seeing as both Jeffree Star and Jouer are famous for this.

Regardless of what the collab involves, one thing is without a doubt: Star will be giving 100 percent of his benefits earned from the Jouer x Jeffree Star accumulation to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.