Fashion is continually progressing including the latest runway talent. Last week Delilah Belle Hamlin made her catwalk show up in Tommy Hilfiger’s Los Angeles exhibition, and by Monday evening she was back, in actuality, for the Sherri Hill show up at New York Fashion Week.

“This is just the second time I’ve ever strolled,” clarified Hamlin just before her rich mother, performing artist Lisa Rinna, added, “Ever! Apologies, I’ll keep my mouth close. I’ll be in the corner.”

As Hamlin’s star rises, it’s not hard to balance her with the other energetic models under the tutelage of a prominent mother.

“I know Kris Jenner, so I’ve visited with Kris,” said Rinna. “I companion with Cindy Crawford, so we do visit about [the industry]. It’s pleasant to converse with Cindy because clearly she is the ruler and has been there and done that and has such a decent head on her shoulders.”

Nevertheless, Hamlin isn’t reluctant to ask for her suggestion in how to investigate through the business.

“Gigi [Hadid] showed me how to do the model walk,” uncovered the high schooler. “That was cool, and I admire her and Kendall.”

Truth be told, Jenner made her runway show up at Sherri Hill’s September 2011 offering at NYFW, which drove her to appear in appears for Chanel, Givenchy, and Marc Jacobs among others.