Kendall Jenner thinks underwear is to wear as outer clothing and boobs are fashion items, and swimwear looks a ton like a standard outfit. The model is commending the great life at the Cannes Film Festival, making style minutes in the meantime even on her down time. For a paddle boarding session on Wednesday.

The piece is by Midsommar Swim, and in all honesty, looks parcels like something Jenner may wreck on any given night. You’d basically incorporate a couple of bottoms like short shorts or low-tossed pants and a charming shoe, and you observe. Or, then again, as the Kardashian/Jenner group is wont to do, disregard the pants unmitigated and substitute super high boots.

In other words, basically look at how flawlessly the swimming outfit sets with a coat. Put some thin fitting pants with that outfit, and you observe that can take you from the promenade to the shoreline and an exceptionally favor French one at that. :

meet us at the lido deck

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If you’re digging the look, mosey on over to Midsomer’s website to grab it yourself for $175.