This last week has been one full of activity in the fashion industry. And what a way to culminate the week if not by a nude dress by none other than Kim Kardashian. This comes just days after she was seen with a Gucci bra which she wore under a blazer only to later go for an exercise session in a white tank that was quite thin.

Kim Kardashian West is well known for putting on suggestive clothing. However, her new outfit is exceptional since it is ultimately revealing, leaving nothing at all to the imagination.

Kim Kardashian’s latest see-through dress


The 36-year-old reality celeb and a mother of two recently spiced up her flesh-flashing game while attending a banquet in a sushi restaurant in Calabasas, California. She was dressed in an entirely transparent plastic outfit that displayed her chest and flesh-colored silk underwear. The sheer vintage Jil Sander coat did not conceal the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. But, the jacket she wore on top hid her breasts just enough to save her from surprised spectators.

In addition to that, she topped off the sexy look by pairing the see-through dress with a pair of heels. This is not surprising! The star has been putting some effort to make her appearance as attractive as possible in a bid to promote her Kim Kardashian West Beauty line.

And anyone can agree beyond reasonable doubt that Kim Kardashian is unquestionably satisfied with her post-baby body and she has even increased her work outs in the past few months to enhance her figure. She is presently following the Atkins Diet.

You might be having the mentality that a see-through outfit is an unrealistic outfit to step out with on a casual catch up at a Japanese eatery. But Kim Kardashian has just confirmed that you can attain that attractive look by rocking it.

Also, we can only assume that Kim Kardashian refused any appeals from the staff to take off her coat during the dinner since, without the jacket, the outfit is no more than underwear and a shopping bag.