In the name game of beauty brands, Eyeko sits somewhere in between “ what is that” and “ why is it called that”. This relatively unknown brand launched a new brow gel and rather than fade into the abyss of random products ignored by the internet, it blew up!

The brand already had a small following including these beautiful ladies who tested there mascara during a half marathon- spoiler alert it didn’t move but with a hefty $26 price tag attached to it, no wonder it didn’t blow up to the level of equally priced  YVES SAINT LAURENT Volume Effet Faux Cils Babydoll Mascara that can be found on every youtube tutorial and then some. 

So, how did this relatively unknown brand with a relatively unknown product amass such a big following and that also overnight? Let’s start with the obvious, it is a great brow gel. It fills in brows with a creamy, intensely pigmented powder that dries in seconds and won’t disappear by noon.

The product comes with its own (SURPRISINGLY) well made and practical angled brush, which is attached on the other side. We love this addition since all brow gels need a good angled brush for application.

From there, well, it fills in your brows! The Eyeko brow gel glides over patchy sports, whips those tails in action and lifts that arch up. The wax at the end finishes off those bushy babies to hold them in place but again, nothing groundbreaking!

You can get your hands on the brow gel at a steep $26 here. It comes in two shades, light and medium. We really wished that the company had a more inclusive color range, that had shades to fit all since not everyone can fit the limited color spectrum of light or medium. 

Do you think this U.K based company will jump over the pond and take the beauty community by storm? We aren’t quite sold yet. Are you an avid fan of this underrated brand? Let us know in the comment section below what you think about the hype around this product and if you are #teameyeko or #wtfoverhype.