Practical reasons why you should switch to a slim wallet

If you have not considered switching to a slim wallet, there are a few considerations which should be taken into account before you make your decision. Primarily, how much junk does a man need in a wallet in order to function? Most of us will concede that the majority of the bulk of a traditional wallet is junk. Whether it is receipts, coupons, business cards, etc. it is not necessary. However, if you have a ton of necessary content and want to get away from the wallet, get a man purse. Those that want to slim down and still keep the wallet, read on.

The slim wallet helps to keep you organized

One of the key aggravations of the “standard” wallet is that they can quickly become disorganized. Why? Because we do not clean them out. We shove a piece of paper in there or slide a business card into the wallet and then forget about them. They are, in truth, too large for the common man. The Slim wallet on the other hand reduces the ability to just shove superfluous content into the crevices. By the design, most of the slim wallets which are available, especially those made by a professional leather artisan, will have 3 to 6 compartments for credit cards and business cards and a space for your cash. That is it. And being that the wallet is for carrying credit cards and cash, that is all you really need it for.

The slim wallet gets your cards and cash away from your crack

It may sound a bit humorous, but the traditional wallet only has one place in which it can rest without looking out of place, the rump. And while there is nothing wrong with having a boxed protrusion coming from your rear pocket, it is certainly more ideal to have your wallet in an area which obtaining it does not resemble scratching of the behind. The slim wallet is not intended for the back pocket of the jeans but rather for the front pocket of a shirt or the inside pocket of a suit. Even if the wallet is placed within the jeans or slacks, it can be on the side pocket and not on the rump. Again, it is about the presentation.


Slim Wallets

Slim Wallets are more secure

Think about it. If there is a guy looking to rob a man of his wallet who is he more apt to go after, the man who has a big and bulky wallet in his back pocket, or the man who may or may not even have a wallet upon him? Of course, the answer is going to be the man who has the higher likelihood of producing cash. Slim wallets help to minimize the risk of having a wallet stolen in their design. No, there is not a special anti-theft device upon the slim and compact wallets, nor will I be able to say with 100% certainty that those which own a slim wallet will never get mugged (because there are crazy and desperate people everywhere). What I will say is this. Because you can, in all sense of the word, “hide” your slim wallet upon your person, it is far less likely to be seen and targeted for stealing. The bigger the target, the more apt people are to take aim upon it.

Slim Wallets are a cost effective way to present a luxurious character

Comparing the “traditional” wallet to the slim wallet will show that for the most part, the slim wallets have a bit more luxury to their design than that of the mass produced commercialized products. Where the commercialized products are synthetic, fake leather, or cloth, the slim wallet made by the professional leather artisan is generally a combination of carefully picked leathers, quality threads, and silk inserts/lining. When coupled with a wardrobe of fashion, the slim wallet can give off the sense of luxury. What makes it great is that they are not overly expensive. But you do not have to tell anyone that. Just let them believe that you are loaded and classy.

Weird Science

I talked to a local doctor recently about some discomfort that I was having in my back while driving. I expected that the doctor would say that I was driving too much or that the legs needed circulation. Yet, his first question was about whether or not I kept my wallet in my pocket while driving. Apparently, the thick wallet in the back pocket can press against the nerves of the lower back and cause some discomfort. Additionally, the shifting and unbalancing of the driver to get “comfortable” while driving can result in the pelvic bones being shifted to the right or left (depending which side your wallet is on) causing discomfort and back pain. Weird, but it does make sense.

So, if you are looking to upgrade your wallet, I would encourage you to do so. You have nothing to loose except the bulk.