Sometime before she had smooth locks, Nicole Kidman was known for her course of winding twists.

It’s a look the actress would love to recapture f no one but she could. In a meeting with Australia’s Who magazine, the “Enormous Little Lies” star admitted that her once-signature look is unquestionably a relic of times gone by.

Also, she said it’s all her blame.


She said “I wish I had my curls back, I tortured them to death. I always say, ‘Don’t ruin the ringlets!'”

She now believes her push to achieve that straightforward shoreline young woman culminate incorporated some real hindrances where her red corkscrew turns were concerned.

“I wish I had my turns back,” she said. “I tormented them to death. I for the most part say, ‘Don’t obliterate the twists!'”

Turns or no turns, Kidman’s loved one, country crooner Keith Urban, trusts she’s reliably picture perfect — especially when she doesn’t endeavor to be.

“He generally lean towards a characteristic me — he resembles, ‘Go ahead, take the cosmetics off!” she told the generation.

Also, remembering that he isn’t worried over paying little mind to whether she looks like an “Aussie shoreline young lady,” she surrendered that she acknowledges the way that he takes after an “Aussie shoreline kid.”

“He’s flawless when he’s on the shoreline,” she raved. “He’s a surf kid, my Aussie shoreline kid. What’s more, gracious, when he’s playing his guitar.”

The truth of the matter is these two simply look awesome constantly.