Are you looking for the perfect summer outfit? The snow has faded away, and you will be having lots of time to spend outdoors, thanks to the warm summer sun. The first thing you should do in preparing for the summer is updating your closet to include the perfect outfit to wear to all your outdoor events. Weekend invites for a barbecue, pool party or a lazy afternoon in the park would be too tempting to miss out on.

Best Summer Outfits for Men (Based on Event)

So, the following is a list of outfits that are our picks, and won’t let you down for these events.

Pool Parties

Well, there cannot be a better way to dress for a pool party than bright swimwear. The most fashionable designs have bold tropical prints with clean cuts, creating the chill effect of the season. This should be your happy-go-lucky look. For cool breathability, a light colored or neutral tee would be an ideal choice. For stylish footwear, go for well-fitting leather sandals for flexibility and comfort.

Pool party Summer Outfit

Summer Barbecues

Barbecues are always a welcome thought during hot months. A casual look would be appealing for a BBQ. All gentlemen should have a flattering, short-sleeve button-down in his wardrobe. Always opt for simpler patterns or light colored button-downs since they match quite easily with most outfits. In case you are headed somewhere else after a barbecue, button downs are perfect for transitioning to the next event.

BBQ Summer Outfit

Park Days

Going to the park requires additional weather consideration. Outfits need to be chill, fashionable and weather appropriate. Short sleeve henley’s, in combination with warm summer hues, are rather dashing. Mix it with a collarless pullover shirt, have fewer buttons open and voila! Totally gorgeous. To top that off, wear light shades of chino pants and dark sneakers. If you are not really into chinos, try out lightweight jeans to avoid excess heat. This is a starter pack for the ultimate park day.

Park Day Summer Outfit


Cool Summer Nights Out

For a cool summer evening, switch into lightweight layers; they are right on trend. Nothing conducts the cold night breeze like a light pullover sweater while still adding a touch of class. Experts suggest that gray or navy blue are the colors to suit all occasions. Cool sneakers add icing to the cake for a summer night.

Summer Outfits: Summer Night Out