Tommy Hilfiger

Any branded piece of clothing before even hitting the production is previously tested on basis of various parameters related to its quality. Most brands design their product to last up to 5 consumer washes while following the instructions regarding wash care.

The renowned brand famous for its classic American designs we are talking about is Tommy Hilfiger watches. The brand was started in an export house in New Delhi by Hilfiger. He particularly designed clothes after pursuing detailed studies about tailoring, fabrics, the make, and embroideries.

The brand is now well-established and has been a trademark of quality fabric for more than 10 years. The brand styles the fabric used for clothing in a different way. The material used is comfortable, wearable, stylish, fits well and affordable at the same time. Tommy has a wide array of color and varying neutrals and basics and classics with new fashion range coming in and out of the store on a customary basis.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

What Makes Tommy Hilfiger Stand Apart from Other Brands?

The primary basis of any clothing is its fabric. The DNA of the fabric is remarkable which makes Tommy stand apart from any other brand. The fabric quality used is verified as per the requirements in accordance with various external conditions like temperature and another phenomenon. This is what makes the quality supreme as the fabric becomes resistant from any sort of damage.

What Are the Significant Changes in the Quality of Fabric by Tommy over the Years?

In the year 2008, the brand was reinvented with various new implications. The quality of the fabric was fine-tuned by the use of better buttons, better zippers, better threads, better pocketing and better fit. Everything was made better with a higher quality standard. The overall strategy is to work on the constant improvement of the quality of the brand.

What Is the Current Status Report of Tommy Hilfiger?

Currently, Tommy has its branches in 92 countries and has become one of the largest exporters of garments in India, US, China and South America. Not only this, Tommy has also become the largest exporter brand in Asia. Tommy has become a retail company with 17,000 associates from all over the World with the help of strong global consumer recognition.