While there are hundreds of articles giving you “advice” on what to wear to your summer weddings, basically a variation of a floral maxi dress or another, we delve into the dark snow filled territory of winter weddings

Disclaimer: All these outfit ideas are shocker comfortable and will even bigger shocker keep you warm because fashion isn’t pain!

1.Classic Cut

winter wedding

For your next winter wedding, keep things elegant and understated with minimal embellishments.

A classic little black dress ticks all these boxes.

The sweetheart neckline on this affordable number is feminine  (Only $50.00 at H&M ( ON Sale for $24.99) and features 90s details like the spaghetti straps, that is right on trend.

Picking a classic design for your next winter wedding saves you from those dreaded and embarrassing #throwbackthursdays but that doesn’t mean you should hide away from trendy items. Just pick one or two detail to add to your outfit to keep the focus on the beautiful couple instead of your overpowering look.

A quick check at the length will also save you from the frozen knees syndrome ( a very scientific termed, coined by yours truly). We love a good mini dress but they won’t do you any good at winter weddings, stick to midi lengths or longer, so you stay comfortable and appropriate for the season and occasion.

And no, I am sorry, those tights will not come in handy when strong winds turn into a snowstorm!






2. Think Outside The Dress

winter weddingWhile we can’t argue with the femininity and elegance of a well-cut dress (worn on a guy or girl) sometimes we just want a change and bringing you this said change are 70s favorite jumpsuits!

This underdog has been creeping away to the top and we are loving it! Why? Because a)Jumpsuits are BEYOND comfortable and b) did I mention they are comfortable?

Wearing a jumpsuit will not only instantly put you on the map at any wedding but still makes sure you stick to the dress code, we don’t want to be disrespectful to the couple here now. Also, thanks to its popularity nowadays, you can find a jumpsuit in virtually any color, fabric and design.

These bad boys are also a great bet for not just winter weddings but for those awkward transitional fall weddings, yes, that Halloween theme is cute but what do we really wear to that?  Try some of these options from Topshop here and here.


winter wedding

3. Separation Anxiety

winter weddings

Wearing a jumpsuit to your next winter wedding will put you on the map, wearing separates will drop jaws and yes, we will take credit for any autographs you may sign.

This bold combination works effortlessly in the colder months since you naturally want to wear something warm, cozy and covered up not a chiffon dress that barely has any sleeves.

The variations on this style idea are limitless, you can go pants and a crop top, a skirt and a crop top,  a matching two-piece set and on and on. You can personally design each combination depending on the atmosphere and the dress code of the wedding.

We personally love the look of this Bardot top matched with this pleated velvet skirt.  This color combination might be a little risky but is sure to get a reaction.