Imran Khan’s wife, Reham Khan became the favorite Bhabi of Pakistan in such a short extent. The lady started her career as a Journalist and after marriage initiate many ways to keep her occupied.  Reham has entered herself  into multiple suits to keep busy and the firstly she choose  to enter into production field.

First lady of KPK announced her intension to take on the production of two films with local production houses IRK films and Tiger entertainment, Including a biopic on Pushtun poet Khushal Khan Khatak and a humor movie.

She first made her jewelry designing public early in January on her official facebook page on which she described her introduction collection (which is still in the works). As being based on makeup shape designs to suit Pushtoon’s taste.

Recently, she tweet a picture of her jewelry design team with foreign trainers from whom they learnt the latest techniques in the gem cutting and designs. In reply to a follower on twitter, Reham Khan said that she is trying to pass on the training to people living in mining areas and acknowledged difficult phase by designer in the absence of support from the government and proper infrastructure.

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