Shamaeel Ansari’s Hali collection was the grand finale of Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week Spring Summer 2015. Shamaeel’s regal collection had a palette that was a little rich for summer but fitted her regal theme perfectly. She showed a chic collection that combined draped cuts, Hali-inspired prints and opulent embroidery. No one does ornate elegance quite like Shameel. Shamaeel’s styling was spot-on, as usual, exuding a luxe chic charm.

Models Sabika Iman and Fauzia Aman remained the showstopper for this collection. N-pro by Nabila and N-gents’ served as the official make up partners of the event. Hasan Sheryar Yasin (HSY) acted as the show director. Photography by Tapu Javeri. The backstage management is being handled by ‘Production 021’.




Shamaeel_Ansari_Collection_Telenor_Fashion_Pakistan_Week_2015_2 Shamaeel_Ansari_Collection_Telenor_Fashion_Pakistan_Week_2015_3 Shamaeel_Ansari_Collection_Telenor_Fashion_Pakistan_Week_2015_4 Shamaeel_Ansari_Collection_Telenor_Fashion_Pakistan_Week_2015_5 Shamaeel_Ansari_Collection_Telenor_Fashion_Pakistan_Week_2015_10 Shamaeel_Ansari_Collection_Telenor_Fashion_Pakistan_Week_2015_13 Shamaeel_Ansari_Collection_Telenor_Fashion_Pakistan_Week_2015_14 Shamaeel_Ansari_Collection_Telenor_Fashion_Pakistan_Week_2015_17 Shamaeel_Ansari_Collection_Telenor_Fashion_Pakistan_Week_2015_18 Shamaeel_Ansari_Collection_Telenor_Fashion_Pakistan_Week_2015_19

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