While the world’s camera lenses were pointed at the glamorous runways of Paris Fashion Week, we turned our eyes to the mayhem outside the shows and saw street style that not only looked impeccable but went as far as challenging the runway!

Here are some of the best picture perfect outfits that show that everyone at Paris Fashion Week brought their A game and Gucci Bag!


Parish Fashion Week

Image Credit:Christian Vierig

This outfit shows that you don’t have to wear ten necklaces, three earrings, and a bag that looks like a trash can to stand out at Paris Fashion Week. The key is to refine your style and keep things simple and let every item you add, have a purpose.


Paris Fashion Week

Image Credit: Matthew Sperzel

We couldn’t disgrace our list and leave out fashion week queen aka Olivia Palermo from our list, I mean the girl has her own “fashion” emojis so you know, she does know a thing or two about street style!

Olivia chose to keep things monochromatic and also remember that it is Fall, a “small” detail that many people forget when picking out their outfits for fashion week. We are obsessed with her modern and clean floral detailed skirt and sweater combo!

This just goes to show that skirts aren’t just a spring staple but can we worn year around!

Paris Fashion Week

Image Credit: Melodie Jeng

Let’s all have a moment of silence for all other sunglasses in the world because these beauts just killed the game and you with it. Disclaimer: These sunglasses don’t actually cause manslaughter.

The combination of high-end designer pieces like that coveted Gucci top which is paired with a, relatively easy finds, striped cardigan and ankle boots feels like the magic mixture of getting you noticed during the glamorous fashion week.

Paris Fashion Week

Image Credit: Edward Berthelot


Take inspiration from this color coordinated outfit and add some life into your dull Fall/Winter palette. The jewel tone isn’t just unexpected but makes a big impact without coming in the way of practicality.

Paris Fashion Week Street Style

Image Credit: Timur Emek

Add the essence of off duty model chic to your outfit by stealing this look. Its all about the details here, from the roll over sequin cuff detailing on the otherwise understated denim to the pops of red.

Paris Fashin Week Street Style

Image Credit: Vanni Bassetti

Don’t sacrifice your casual and comfortable style in the name of fashion and focus your outfit on key pieces, much like the gorgeous look above.

Paris Fashion Week Street Style

Image Credit: Christian Vierig

These pieces are so versatile that we can’t pinpoint which decade they are from? 80s ? 90s? 2000s? Add the same timeless elegance to your closet by shopping at thrift stores or even your mom’s closet for clean pieces that will stand the test of time.

Paris Fashion Week

Image Credit: Edward Berthelot

While Paris Fashion Week brought us old school faves, the street style also ventured to the far future with this modern combination. The exaggerated shoulder detailing is everything and all of it is matched in the controversial black and blue color tone.