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It’s September, and that means it’s time to head back to school and flaunt your fashionable self. For the most part, just having a new wardrobe can be the best way to make sure your look stays on point for the rest of the semester. However, there are certain things you should never do if you’re looking to stay fashionable. If you wanna stay cool in school, make sure that you don’t commit these fatal fashion mistakes!

Fatal Fashion Mistake #10: Buying and wearing gear that you don’t like just so that you can fit in.

Though there may be pressure on you to follow fads blindly, the fact is that following fashion ideals that really don’t mesh with your personal style will be awkward. You won’t like wearing the fad gear you bought, nor will it ever really look right. Don’t conform just to please others; real style comes from within.

Fatal Fashion Mistake #9: Going to school without at least one or two cool accessories on you.

Accessories make the outfit. This much is true, and if you’re really fashion-savvy, then you’ll know that picking up one or two core accessories that you wear every day can make a huge difference in your own unique signature style.

Fatal Fashion Mistake #8: Not dressing for your body type.

We might all hate to admit it, but sometimes, the clothes we want to rock just don’t look good on us. Instead of trying to fit the clothes, make the clothes fit you. If you aren’t sure what works well with your figure, try to read up on it.

Fatal Fashion Mistake #7: Not clearing out old, tatty clothes.

Unless you’re related to an A-list celebrity, your closet has limited space, and you have a limited number of situations that you can expect. In all reality, there aren’t really many occasions out there that will call for clothes that are obviously outdated, or clothes that are torn. Unless you plan on having a special designated outfit for a pre-prom breakup, clear out those worn-out clothes!

Fatal Fashion Mistake #6: Buying only branded items.

Sure, a Michael Kors bag isn’t going to kill your sense of style, but when you look like a walking billboard of brands, it’s a bad look. Besides, it’s really bad on your wallet.

Fatal Fashion Mistake #5: Going way too wild for school, or doing wild the wrong way.

There’s nothing wrong with having your own personal style, even if it’s pretty out-there. However, there is a limit to how much flair can be added to a typical school outfit. After all, you don’t want to get written up for violating the dress code.

It’s also important to use some kind of sense when it comes to what you should wear, especially if you’re alternative. Alternative clothes don’t work well if they look cheap. It may seem like it’s a cool way to set yourself apart from everyone else, but if your clothing style looks more like a Halloween outfit warehouse than it does actual school wear, then it will likely just end up looking ridiculous. If it’s really out there, you might even alienate people with your wear.

Fatal Fashion Mistake #4: Keeping a wardrobe that runs through the entire color spectrum.

Having a colorful wardrobe isn’t bad in and of itself, but the fact is that it can make choosing outfits a royal pain. Unless you’re cool with dealing with mismatched clothing, or dealing with spending a good half hour picking out an outfit for the next day, it’s best to limit the bulk of your back to school clothing to 2 to 4 colors. Keeping colors limited is such a good practice, even Barack Obama endorses it!

Fatal Fashion Mistake #3: Falling for every single trend that comes your way.

A funny thing about the fashion industry is that the vast majority of trends don’t last too long, and at times, they can turn into moments of embarrassment in future years. Unless you’re totally cool with being seen rocking the modern-day version of an 80’s mullet in your school photos, it’s best to avoid being a trend junkie.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with liking a trend or two and indulging in it. You should be who you want to be, and dress the way that you want to dress. It’s all about moderation, though. Overkill is what turns an otherwise cool outfit into an outfit of a fashion victim.

Fatal Fashion Mistake #2: Dressing uncomfortably.

Feeling good in your clothing and being able to smile, relax, and flaunt it is always going to be in style. It shows confidence in your sense of style. The easiest way to make sure that your ability to relax goes out the window is to wear clothing that is totally uncomfortable. If you feel like those skinny jeans are about to grip your calves to death, you probably should switch trends before they cut off your circulation.

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Fatal Fashion Mistake #1: Not listening to your gut instinct about an item.

Whether it’s because the item in question is just amazing but really pricey, or because the item in question is really popular but hideous, it’s important to listen to your gut when choosing your back to school wardrobe. Simply put, only you will be able to tell what gear you’ll really want to rock for a long time. At times, the right coat or purse could be an investment piece that lasts for years.

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