Top 5 beard Designs

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Top 5 beard Designs

Top 5 beard Designs

Beards have always been in vogue for men. From past to present, beard styles have been created and have evolved, and have always been a part of the fashion picture for men—working men, royalty, and celebrities alike. For many, beards are considered to be a sign of manliness because of the strength they add to a man’s features and the appeal they create.

Every year, beard trends change, and now, we bring all the fashion junkies out there 5 beards styles that standout for 2012:

The 5 O clock Top 5 beard Designs

The 5 o’clock Shadow- This is a clean-cut version of the beard. Facial hair is kept short and rough, as only a faint “shadow” on the face. One of the most popular beard trends, it is low-maintenance and simple, and is a great option for men with round, oblong, and square faces. This is because of the way the outline of the beard is maintained—it gives the illusion of a stronger jawline by bringing emphasis to the sides of the face and the chin. It’s usually a rugged look, but can also be formal depending on how it beard-wearer carries it. Football hero David Beckham enjoys sporting this look, and Hollywood stars George Clooney and Ryan Reynolds are but two of many celebrities wearing this beard style on and off the red carpet.

 Goatee Top 5 beard Designs

The Goatee- Once the signature beard style for Renaissance artists, the goatee is the perfect beard for those who have less hair growth on the cheeks. It is characterized by beard growth under the chin and can extend around the jawline, and gets its name because the beard resembles the growth of hair under a goat’s chin. It is a distinguished, clean look that lengthens the face of those with round, triangular or square faces. No wonder leading men like Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert Downey Jr. like this look!

05 moustache Top 5 beard Designs

The Moustache-This is one of the most historic and recognizable beard styles in the world. Made popular in cowboy movies and cartoons, it has also been made notorious in by its use on villains like Hitler. Despite its negative connections, however, the moustache is also known for being a sophisticated style also sported by heroes like Martin Luther King Jr., classic movie icons like Clark Gable, and film hotties Orlando Bloom and Jude Law. This look consists simply of beard growth on the upper lip, and eventually along the upper part of the cheeks. The moustache has many varieties, including but not limited to the handlebar moustache, the Fu Manchu, and the pencil moustache.

 French Beard Top 5 beard Designs

The French Beard- Known also as the Van Dyke, this style was recently popularized by Johnny Depp. Created by French artist Anthony van Dyck in the 17th century, it combines the moustache and the goatee, with the cheeks being clean shaven. It is a formal look that works well with a round or a small face shape because it puts focus on the chin and makes the features stronger and more angular.

 ZEBeard Top 5 beard Designs

The Scruffy Beard- This beard style is the hairiest on our list. A moustache is maintained above the upper lip, while hair is left to grow on the chin and around the jawline. It’s a rough, rugged look that’s perfect for those with rectangular or oblong faces because it has the ability to widen the face shape and keep it from appearing long. This trend has been favoured by actors like Batman’s Christian Bale and Adrian Grenier from Entourage.

Regardless of whichever beard style you choose to grow, one thing to remember is that a beard which is not groomed properly will look dirty and messy. The key to looking good with a beard is to keep it properly trimmed and clean. It should be treated differently from the hair on your head as it is thicker, and should be conditioned properly especially when the growth is thick or coarse. A good trimmer is always a must to help you shape your beard and maintain its length. Shave oil can also help to keep you from making mistakes in your shaving. Keep your beard sleek by using a fine-toothed comb to remove tangles. And of course, a professional barber is your best friend in getting that perfectly-shaped beard.

So be a man, and don’t be afraid to create a new look for yourself with facial hair. Beards are in, and they’re here to stay.

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